The Great Camp Mystery

Each stage of the mystery has puzzles to solve, camp activities to do, and some information about Guide Camp. To explore the mystery, use the options that appear towards the bottom of the page.

Solve the Mystery

Your current location is: Inside your tent

On trying to leave the tent you discover that the door has been done up with the following knots:

You need to identify them to get out of the tent.

If you need some help this web page may be of assistance.

Write down the first letters of any words in the name of the knot (not including ‘of’ or ‘knot’). You should have 7 letters; you will need these later.

Camp@Home Activity

Try tying some of the knots.

About Guide Camp

It might seem a little odd that a tent door is tied shut, but at camp we usually sleep in traditional green canvas ‘Icelandic’ tents, whose doors are secured with string. Why do we prefer them to lightweight tents?

  • They are much sturdier, so they protect you better from extreme weather
  • They do less damage to the campsite
  • They are much more comfortable in hot weather, as shown here!