The Great Camp Mystery

Each stage of the mystery has puzzles to solve, camp activities to do, and some information about Guide Camp. To explore the mystery, use the options that appear towards the bottom of the page.

Solve the Mystery

Your current location is: Leaders' Tent

The porch to the tent is very tidy (as you would expect), with coats hanging on the back of two chairs and walking boots and wellies lined up by the door. The tent clearly has no one inside. An envelope is lying on the floor with a picture of a compass on the front.

You pick up the envelope and open it up. Inside is a piece of paper with the following instructions.

  1. Get a piece of A4 paper and draw on it a 14 by 10 grid i.e. 14 horizontal lines and 10 vertical lines. Put the letters A to J above the vertical lines and numbers 1 to 14 next to the horizontal lines starting at the top. Now each intersecting point has a grid reference. For example, the very bottom left corner is A14.
  2. Plot the following points on the grid. D14, E14, F13, F11, E10, D10, C9, C7, D6, E6, F5, F3, E2, D2, B6, B10.
  3. Starting at D14 joined the points in order with straight lines. You should finish at D14.
  4. Identify the Ordnance Survey Map reference symbol you have created. You will need this later.

You can find details of map symbols here, on the Ordnance Survey website.

Camp@Home Activity

Try creating your own grid reference picture and see if a member of your family can draw it.