The Great Camp Mystery

Each stage of the mystery has puzzles to solve, camp activities to do, and some information about Guide Camp. To explore the mystery, use the options that appear towards the bottom of the page.

Solve the Mystery

Your current location is: Wet Weather Shelter

The Wet Weather shelter is a wooden building raised off the ground. It has wooden steps leading up to a veranda that wraps around the building. There are double doors at the top of the steps and multiple windows, all of which are closed.

You walk up the steps and approach the door.

You unlocked the door to the Wet Weather Shelter using the knot code from your tent.

You open the door and walk into the room. It smells of popcorn; were the leaders having a midnight snack?

At one end is a table and chairs. Hanging on the wall is a craft bag and some rain coats. On the opposite wall is a notice board.

The craft bag has your name on, so you take it down and look inside. There is your camp challenge book (but you already know what is in there), an old glow stick, a pen, a wordsearch and a maze puzzle with letters in it. The last two items weren’t there last night, so maybe they are an important clue. You’d better solve the wordsearch and maze before you do anything else.

This puzzle is a word search puzzle that has a hidden message in it. First find all the words in the list. Words can go in any direction and share letters as well as cross over each other.


Once you have found all the words, write down the unused letters starting in the top left corner, to reveal the hidden message (you do not need the last 4 unused letters).

A copy of the grid can be found loose in your camp activity bag as this is difficult to do online.

Solve the maze and reveal the hidden number code. The little arrow near the bottom-left corner shows you where to enter the maze. You have completed the maze when you have visited every square containing a number, writing them down as you go.

Well done on solving the puzzles. What could the numbers and words mean? The mystery deepens. Time to have a look around the room.

On the table

There is a black metal box on the table that has an electronic lock on it made up of lots of circles.

This will take forever to solve, but maybe you can trick it by cutting the correct coloured wires. You pull the side off the lock to reveal the coloured wires inside. There are 8 coloured wires.

Green, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White

A label inside the lock case reads “Cut only the coloured wires that DO NOT appear on incorrectly flown flags.”

If you haven’t found any flags yet, where might you look?

On the noticeboard

You walk over to the notice board and take a closer look. There are a few leaflets advertising local attractions such as the swimming baths, a bird sanctuary and a castle luxury spa. Next to them is a poster.

You go the to the cupboard. It is made from sturdy wood and painted blue.

The handles are locked with a 6-digit combination lock. Do you have a 6-digit number clue solution?

You need to continue exploring the campsite to find the combination. Perhaps you should visit the Altar Fire.

Camp@Home Activity

We always have a word search as one of the camp challenges. It’s a good thing to do during rest hour. Why not complete one next time you take a break?

About Guide Camp

Most of the places we camp have a Wet Weather shelter, although sometimes we manage with a Wet Weather tent. This is where we eat if the weather is bad, and can also be a place for activities. If we can, we prefer to stay outside!