The Great Camp Mystery

Each stage of the mystery has puzzles to solve, camp activities to do, and some information about Guide Camp. To explore the mystery, use the options that appear towards the bottom of the page.

Solve the Mystery

Your current location is: Whispering Woods

The electronic voice pauses then abruptly says “You’ll find your Guide leaders in the castle tower. The key to the gate is in the telephone book”. The line goes dead. You then notice a yellow telephone book on the floor of the phone box. When you open it, it has been hollowed out inside and there is a small brass key.

Now you know where you need to go. You quickly leave the telephone box and run back to the signpost junction. You walk back up the hill to the gate to the castle, where you quickly open the gate with the key. The road continues for 50 metres and ends at the deep water filled moat of the castle. The drawbridge is up. How are you going to get inside?

On the side of the drawbridge is a keypad with the letter A to Y in a 5 by 5 grid pattern.

As you stand there thinking, in the dwindling light of the day, out of the corner of your eye you spot a quick flash of light coming from the tower. As you look closer you realise the light is flashing in a series of dots and dashes.

It’s clearly a Morse Code message. When you have decoded the message, choose the correct password to lower the drawbridge.

Camp@Home Activity

Use your tracking skills to make a trail round your garden or house and challenge your family to follow it.