The Great Camp Mystery

Each stage of the mystery has puzzles to solve, camp activities to do, and some information about Guide Camp. To explore the mystery, use the options that appear towards the bottom of the page.

Solve the Mystery

Your current location is: Flagpole

Flag Muddle

The flagpole is about 3m high, with three guy ropes attached to large wooden tent pegs securing it to the ground. Flying at the top is the World Guiding flag. There is a scroll attached to the bottom of the flag.

You carefully untie the knot holding up the flag and lower the flag making sure it doesn’t touch the ground. You remove the scroll, then raise the flag again tying it securely.

When you untie the scroll, you find the following message.

On a ‘Round the World’ Camp the flags have got in a right muddle and some of them are being flown upside down.

United Kingdom

Identify those Flags that are being flown incorrectly and make a note of the main colours on those flags (NOT on any emblems).

You will need these colours later!

If you need help you can download a flag sheet here.

Camp@Home Activity

If you haven’t already, why not design and fly a flag for your camp? If you have one, take a photo of it.

About Guide Camp

When we are on site we hoist the flag in the morning before Guides Own and inspection, and then take it down at sunset. We usually fly the World Guiding flag or the Union flag, but sometimes we fly a Nottinghamshire flag, or a special flag relating to the theme of the camp.